Sunday, February 12, 2012

Jule's Verne's Mysterious Island 2012 0 out of 10 SYFY channel Dud

  1. How dare they  even put Jule's Verne's name on this dud of a film.  By far the worst version of any films adapted from the works of Jules Verne.  This movie was just terrible.....So bad that it was bad.  The only good moment was the line.  "Let's just recap--We are on an island lost in time, inhabited by pirates that houses a volcano and is stalked by a giant octopus."     Thanks for the recap...but none of it was interesting at all.   Where are the cheesy giant  CGI  crabs???  Instead we get people in Swamp thing outfits and 3 pirates and a bunch of sitting around talking about how mysterious the island isn't.  I rarely give any film the dreaded   0 out of 10.   I mean even the worst of movies have something slightly interesting in them even if the thing that makes them interesting is how bad they were.   This was just dull and boring and not in anyway shape or form entertaining.

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