Sunday, February 19, 2012

She 1965 7 out of 10

Based on the H. Rider Haggard book who also wrote the Alan Quartermain novels (like King Solomon's Mines)  this feature film stars Ursula Andress as the immortal Ayesha, 'She who must be obeyed'.    The movie also stars Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee , it is a Hammer film during the period that they were branching out beyond horror movies into the adventure and scantily clad women genre.   The movie was a good  solid adventure story which like  the other H. Rider Haggard books it deals with explorers coming across  a lost city.    A Brit played by John Richardson is believed to be the long lost love of Ayesha.   He is lured to the lost city by Ayesha's eternal beauty....(and boy does Ursula Andress fit the role).   She is flawlessly beautiful is this picture, it is easy to see why he falls for her.    The movie is well paced  starting with their journey to find the lost city, there encounter with the slaves that serve that city and a climatic fight at the end that deals with the the flame that gives eternal life.   The movie has an ending which definitely influenced my favorite movies of all-time from the Indiana Jones series.   George Lucas credits as one of the main influences for Indy being King Solomon's Mines and the serials of the 1930's and this H Rider adaptation clearly influenced Indy as well

Here is a sample of the movie and Ursula's beauty.

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