Saturday, February 25, 2012

Brad's top 7 movies for 2005

Coming in at number 7

Mr. and Mrs. Smith 8+ out of 10

A fun action paked spy vs spy thriller....The movie that doomed Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt's marriage....

Coming in at number 6
Sin City 9 out of 10
A visually stunning comic book film that brings the comic style stylishly to the screen

Coming in at number 5

The Island 9 out of 10
Utopia sounds great, but there is always a catch. This is a fun sci-fi action film that takes a look at cloning and the life of a clone

Coming in at number 4
Bewitched 9 out of 10
A fun a playful movie version of the TV show... Will Ferrell is great and Nicloe Kidman is well cast

Coming in at number 3
King Kong 9+ out of 10
Peter Jackson's take on King Kong.....Great special effects and a fun retelling of Kong

Coming in at number 2

Serenity 9+ out 10
Some awesome closure to a great TV series that ended way too soon

Coming in at number 1
Revenge of the Sith 10 out of 10
A Thrilling end to the prequel trilogy. The best of the the prequels

Here is the trailer to the Revene of the Sith

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