Saturday, March 3, 2012

Witchslayer Gretl 2012 3 out of 10

Shannon Doherty as Gretl (from Hansel and Gretl)---has her body inhabited by the witch the Hansel that she died with some 20 years earlier.   Hansel is a  Witchslayer now .....who wanders around the forest killing witches with sticks and arrows dressed in some Ren Faire outfit with some unexplained headphones that let him communicate with his partner  (an ex-witch).   With a budget smaller than a episode of on old episode of Xena Warrior Princess this  syfy channel dud drags along.  The witch covens in this stroll through the forest movie consist of about 3 actresses in red nightgowns from Kmart battling it out with the Witchslayers.    The dialogue is bad and delivered poorly.   "Magic can only be defeated with magic"  or pointed sticks.  

If you want good  Hansel and Gretl  --check out the Once Upon a Time  episode which is much better than this entire bad movie about Witchslayer's wandering around the forest and searching through caves...and farms for witches.

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