Saturday, October 8, 2011

Zombies in the Elevator (A Zombie Week Poem from 9/30/10)

There were zombies in the elevator
When I stumbled in last night
After one too many drinks
At the Holyfield  vs Tyson robot fight

I didn’t notice them at first
As I stared at the buttons for my hotel floor
But in such a tiny space
The  smell of them was too much to ignore.

They didn’t appear to be going anywhere
Just riding it up and down
Staring at the blinking lights
Making ooohhh and ahhhing sounds

How could I tell they were zombies you ask
Since after all I was a little drunk
Well for one their flesh was rotting
And  they really,   really stunk

One was chewing on a human arm
Just like it was a turkey leg
Blood dripping from his smile
His breath like a rotten egg

Then there was the Zombie groom and bride
That at about floor number eight
Starting going at it in the corner
Zombie lust did they consummate

I stared drunkenly at my watch
Then back at the elevator dial
One zombie kept pushing the buttons for  every single floor
This ride was going to take awhile

Why did I have to be on the 21st floor?
I thought inside my head
A high roller suite with a view
If I can survive an elevator ride filled with the undead

It stopped again on  the  12th  floor 
A couple stared into the elevator
Saw the zombies  standing inside 
And screamed with  horror

The doors closed again
I couldn’t help but take another peek
Three Zombies dressed like Elvis’s
Moaning and groaning cheek to cheek

Finally I reached my floor
I was anxious to get off
But the doors  they  didn’t open
And the elevator starting getting hot

The doors behind me opened
Into a hot zombie filled corridor
And out the zombies went
Into a place of blood and horror

The secret door shut 
And through the regular door I went
Stumbled into my room 
And passed out –
Man I was spent.

I woke up the next morning
This story I swear is real
Zombies in the Elevator
Believe me it was quite the ordeal
BAC 09/30/2010

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