Monday, October 17, 2011

The Slow and Plodding Dead: A zombie Review of the Walking Dead

Zombie Week begins

The Walking Dead.....Well that about covers it....They walk around a lot.....
It is Halloween season and what could make a more perfect  Sunday afternoon then a Zombie Marathon.
I missed the whole first season of The Walking Dead...The critically acclaimed Zombie TV series.
I applaud them for bringing this interesting concept to the small screen.....Kudos to having a Zombie TV series.....Unfortunately  that is about all the dead seem to do in this TV series ...walk  (with the exception of a few cool scenes here and there).

For me there is nothing exceptional about this show...The Pilot episode was quite dull and  plodding.  A cop wakes up from a coma to discover that the world has basically ended and the dead have risen and are eating everyone.   The first episode then launches into an Omega Man boring --last man left on earth theme. He wanders around for awhile before he bumps into a father and his son.....He then takes off in search of the infamous  safe haven from all zombie movies......Only in the last few minutes do we finally get to see some good Zombie action and true peril.

And then through the next five episodes of season 1 we get more of the same..   He bumps into a group of survivors and about every 40 minutes or so we get a few decent Zombie scenes.   Don't get me wrong it is a decent show --but nothing here is amazing or brilliant or any of the other words used to describe this show.   The pace of the show with a few exceptions moves about the pace of a.....well.....the pace of a zombie.  And I'm not talking about the fast sprinting and dive tackling zombies of the classic Return of the Living Dead.....I'm talking slow plodding zombies that can apparently trot at random points.......   I watched all 6 episodes from season 1 ---fast forwarding the commercials and then took in episode 1 of season 2.....Hey it is the only Zombie TV show on the air and 6 episodes a season isn't much of a commitment.   I was just hoping for something extraordinary and I just didn't feel like I got that with this show.    It is gory!  and bloody and occasionally a zombie shambles by........

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