Sunday, October 30, 2011

Zombie Marathon (Poem 9/22/2010)

The Streets were blocked
The Stores were closed
Would they be coming any minute now?
Nobody knows….

They leaned out of windows
Anxious for what was going on
It is a once a year event
The Zombie Marathon

The loud speakers blared out
They were right around the bend
The large group of zombies  
Trailing the lead car

To be perfectly honest the race itself was a joke.
Because running wasn’t exactly what zombies do best
They stagger and stumble 
With arms away from their chest

But with that said it was joy to watch
Hundreds of Zombies 
Mindlessly roaming the streets
Looking for brains and dragging their feet

The winner was always a zombie from the lead pack
The single minded sort that really wanted a snack.
One of the ones that stayed focused on the lead car 
And kept up his pace could really go far.

Once fallen back of the scent of the pace car
The Zombies tended to wander
Tripping over curbs
And drifting over yonder…

Like faulty robots they would just stagger into things
Slamming their faces repeatedly into walls
Meandering aimlessly between 
The races courses  concrete walls

From the windows up above the fans they would cheer 
And taunt the racers whenever they drew near
Shouting insults and comments
Then showering them with beer

The one thing I can say about the zombies 
Even though they are slow
They have great endurance
No need for water…they just go go  ..go

26 Miles in sweltering heat
They stagger and stumble 
On bare blistered feet
Aggghhhhh! They shout
Over and over and over again

7 Hours into  the race ----
And 2 zombies left in the lead
The finish lines  fast approaching 
What could be more exciting ?   Indeed

The pace car just crossed the line
The 2 remaining zombies not far behind..
And there it is a photo finish
It looks like we have a tie!

BAC 09/22/2010

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