Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Zombie week continues with A Zombie Poem I did last year (The Zombie Family Picnic)

The Zombie Family Picnic
Such a wonderful place to be
Having fun out in the sun
Or Relaxing under a tree

Uncle Erving always brings the finger foods
Toes, Hands , Index and ring fingers
You may even get a prize.

Zombie Frisbee is the best
Throwing the disc around
With the severed  hand
And the Zombie Hound

Then of course there is the Zombie sack race
Look at  Uncle George
He has the sack over his face

Posing for the family picture is always such a task
Rounding up all the Zombies 
For the photo is definitely not a snap.

The Brain eating contest is a blast
Aunt Sue is a little slow
She always comes in last

In the early evening the fun really begins
After a few drinks 
The Teenage Zombies all take a  nude  swim

BAC 09/30/2010

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