Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween Fun Part 2 : Search for Female Halloween costume (2010)

Super Fun Halloween Store Shopping Adventure Time Part 2 : Search for Female Halloween costume

What Costume to get for KimThis Aged  old dilemma sends  us out into the wacky fun world of the Halloween Store.....So with a camera in hand and a sense of Adventure---off we go.... on advice from a friend we headed to Lake Forrest to visit a Halloween Store.... Question  ---which is better a Superstore or a Mega store? Costume Castle in Lake Forest........Halloween Fun
 Looks like ET has lost his pumpkin
This is the Stormtrooper outfit I'm looking for
 I had to stop for a photo moment with the Knight guarding the door
Yikes ....Kids   don't smoke
 Before we find a costume for Kim   lets look at ways that you can embarass your dog  
Party City in Torrance
More Dog Humiliation
 On to the sexy girl  costumes.....Halloween is the time of year when even the quite shy girls get to sex it up....I mean  every outfit says   Sexy Nurse or Hottie Devil...or some other suggestive name....If Robin Looked like this Batman would never leave the Batcave 
 You never see outfits for girls that say.....Bedragled  House wife......Or   But Her Face Waitress... Here are some more sexy choices 
 Hottie Snow White
 Quick break something in the house  
  Hottie Alice 
Party City in Torrance
Sexy Alice
Party City in Torrance
Party City in Torrance
So many cute outfits   and Kim is still undecided......I like the Saloon girl
 Okay  I know I bombarding you with sexy outfits----wear the outfits for the fellows.....Here you go
For Eric
 For Scott
 Great outfit for a single guy 
 For Dennis 
 For Kenny 
 and for People that want matching Gay Lion outfits 
 Kim was still undecided

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