Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Blonds vs Brunettes Let the battle begin: Prehistoric Women 1967 6 out of 10

A Great White Hunter crosses into the territory of a strange African Cult while chases a leopard.  He touches the horn  of  a big fake  White Rhino  and gets transported back in time to a land where  a Tribe of  Brunettes in Cave Women bikinis rule over a tribe of blonds in Cave Women bikinis this movie is played serious like The Time Machine.    It is like  a weird Star Trek episode  where the Great White Hunter must help the Blonds escape enslavement  (well at least it has a message).   Along the way he is forced to hook up with the hottie leader of the Brunettes after she gets out of a prehistoric bubble bath. (What a Kirk has to do all in the line of duty).  Did I mention both Prehistoric Tribes speak English.  

Quote of the movie.
White Hunter  "What makes you so cruel"
Brunette Leader"   Cruelty makes me so cruel"

Well there are battles between Blonds and Brunettes in bikinis and a lesson about how bad it is to enslave people.....It was fun.

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