Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Zombie Movie Top 5 and 2014 Zombie Podcast

Here is a recent podcast we did all about Zombies.


And Here are my Top 5 Zombie Movies from that List

1.   Dead Alive    1992
The Bloodiest movie ever.....Peter Jackson pre- Lord of the Rings.... I remember driving up to Hollywood to see this at a midnight showing when it came out.  "I kick ass for the Lord

2 .   Return of the Living Dead  1985
They gave zombies the ability to run and dive tackle....a great soundtrack and a lot of laughs.  "Send more cops"

3.  Night of the Living Dead
"They are coming to get Barbara"    Black and White and full of zombies attacking people trapped in a house.   This set the standard for zombies movies.   

4.   Cemetery Man   1994
A great  zombie  visual treat .  When they get buried it is his job to make sure they stay that way.  

5 . Dawn of the Dead  2004 
The Remake is more thrilling and exciting than the original.....Zombies in a shopping mall has never been this fun.

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