Sunday, October 30, 2011

Long Beach Zombie Walk: Part 1 The Dead are intergrating into society

Looks like Indy's  luck has finally run out

A few years ago a friend and me went to Venice beach to report on a Zombie hoard of about 70 Zombies....They were slow and hungry for flesh.....  Last night in Long Beach we went to check out a larger Zombie uprising to find that they are beginning to integrate with human society. The Modern  Zombie  smokes

They go out to dinner which makes getting a reservation downtown even more difficult.

And we noticed the more zombies there are --the less organized their walks are...The don't shamble around as much as they used to  in fact they stop for photos and check for text messages.

And they are learning to speak better......"Rat" this one kept yelling at us.   "Rat"

Zombies come in all shapes and sizes.....and from every profession

Even Aliens can become Zombies....."Maybe they will think twice about who they abduct"

This guy was going Brains out

With tough economic times the Ghostbusters have looked to expand their business by getting into the Zombie Security business

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