Monday, October 24, 2011

Survival of the Dead 2009 3 out of 10 I barely survived this zombie movie (Zombie Movie Review #1)

Just because it says George  Romero's  Survival of the Dead does not mean that it is good.    There is a zombie uprising and there is this one island of the coast of the U.S. where everyone is Irish for some reason.  The O Flynn's and the  Muldoon's who have of course been bickering for many decades.   Well now they are bickering over whether zombies should be killed or rounded up like cattle waiting for some type of cure.   The one Irish dude is kicked off the island -but later returns with a couple of random U.S. Military folk. This is one dumb zombie movie.  Irish cowboys and some clan dispute.   Really George?   I don't think you should have put your name on this one.

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