Thursday, October 6, 2011

Brad's Halloween Adventures Part 1 What To Wear? for Brad

Brad's Halloween Adventures Part 1 What To Wear? for Brad

With plans for a couple of Halloween events again this year...I ask the same question I asked last year on facebook blog
..In Part one we will examine Brad's Costumes   --from the past couple of years----from Halloween and just for fun as I try to think of what to do for this year.........Halloween's biggest question.....What to Wear???? There was Fat Zombie Fletch from a couple of years ago Halloween Party.
Camo Fletch and Hottie Cop
 There was Fat Vampire Magnum PI for a party a few weeks earlier. 
Vampire Magnum and Nacho Libre
Which also made for great beach wear 
Magnum PI Looking for the villian
 There was my Shark Attack outfit from the Bad Shark Movie Beach Party Bash. 
It never turns out as good as in the picture on the box 
 Here is my Fat Humphrey Bogart look from Casablanca night
Casablanca Night
My Bogart look ($19 Thift store trenchcoat priceless)
 Or my Baseball Furies look from the Warriors screening 
Baseball Fury myspace default pic

Warriors Screening at Bay Theatre in Seal Beach
 I could always just go as the Snuggie King with a Burger King hat on top of the already awesome look 
The People's Front of the Snuggie
Recruitment trip to Frisco's
 My White Trash look for all the ladies that like tats 
White Trash 2009 Ace is all Fired up
 I had actually lost enough weight to pull off the Indy  look last Halloween for Mickey's Trick or Treat 
Mickey's Trick or Treat Party 2009
 A look that I was afraid to try back in my He Fat days when I had an Indy party and went as  Witness relocation  Mola Ram
Casual Wear Mola Ram 2008 Indiana Jones Party
  Looks Kim  said  NOT SO MUCH toMy Dr Evil 
The Dr. Evil pose with shaved head 2008
 Some ideas for couple costumes have included
Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton  "Islands in the Scream"
Jack Tripper and Krissy Snow   (or Mr Furley)
Mork and Mindy  (It would be so fun to be Mork all night)
 I could totally pull off the Lt Dangle look from Reno 911
My Dream costume is still to go as the Three Amigos but  I would need to get 2 friends on board..... 
Or Steve Martin from the Jerk   (dog out of the bath outfit)   -Need to lose more weight for that one  Well  this was all fun  ---but KIM  came up with a great idea so I'm all settled on an outfit...So stay tuned for a possible party....... 

Up next  we go on an adventure to Halloween stores to find something for Hottie Kim

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