Sunday, October 23, 2011

Flight of the Dead: (Zombies on a Plane) 2007 6 out of 10 (Zombie Movie Review #5)

Where is Samuel L Jackson when you need him.     "I'm sick and tired of all these motherf---ing Zombies on my motherf---ing plane".

There have been snaked on a plane --why not Zombies.   The Zombies are attacking the passengers and  all the stewardess and pilot are concerned about is getting everyone to remain seated.   But not to worry Tiger Woods has his golden putter.   This movie is cheesy fun.    The Nun is praying while zombies are crawling out of the whole in the floor.   A hole which is used about 8 different times...(There is a not a lot of room on a plane for different sets you know.   "Return to your seats".    One old Asian Zombie listened as he is still strapped in.     Apparently the plane itself is indestructible....I mean it withstands gunfire and homemade bombs and opened doors. "Please Remain seated"   There is no fighting on a plane and no throwing around a football and definitely firing guns at zombies.  The banter between the criminal and the cop that was handcuffed to him was actually fairly decent.  

The movie has some  delightfully awful dialogue like.

"Two in the chest, one in the balls. That's what I say."
Frank: [after saving Megan] You alright? no bites?
Megan: But we thought... we thought...
Frank: What? That it was me gnawing on the passengers? Nah, I'm a vegetarian. 

  " Please remain seated"  A major plot flaw was at the end   (Spoiler Alert)  After the plane crashes on its flight from LA to Paris --the few survivors walk through the desert toward Las Vegas......huh?

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