Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Zombie Obstacle Course... (A Zombie Poem from 2010)

It had  been years since the world ended
There wasn’t much to do
The Zombie uprising had been put down.
They rounded the last ones up at the zoo

The power supply to the world had run out
There was nothing playing at the movies anymore.
The mall had already been looted.
We were really ---really bored

Then we came up with a great idea
A new Extreme sport
A Life or death adventure
The Zombie obstacle course

The design of the course was amazing
A wondrous thing to see
People came from all over to watch
Because there was nowhere else to be

It starts with the zip line
Over hundreds of the undead
The contestants are given a shotgun
10 points for every Zombie shot in the head

Next came the crawl
Under a zombie filled cage
You got to keep down low now
They will try to grab your legs

The wall was next 
You got to be fast 
Once the zombies are released
You don’t want to be in  last

Now run as fast as you can
The final section is ahead
Be quick through the maze
Don’t lose your head

It is  an exhilarating feeling
When you get to the end
Nothing gets the blood flowing
Like battling the undead.

I gotta go
It looks like the next race is about to go off
Ohhhh  no it just looks like Ted
At the start of the zip line fell off and into  the undead

Don’t look 
Avert your eyes
Close your ears
So you don’t have to hear his  cries

How terrible……
Oh my god
It looks like the Zombie cage has grabbed Rob

As if things couldn’t get  worse 
The zombies at the wall climb seemed to have been released early
Well there goes Kurt

Into the maze goes Larry all alone
Goes the Shotgun
Almost there
He crossed the line 
The crowd goes insane…

Just another day
At the Zombie Obstacle course

BAC 09/22/2010

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