Tuesday, October 29, 2013

5 of the Worst movies in the last 5 years (2009-2013)

I'm always making lists of my Top movies of the year or my favorite action movies or favorite comedies.   After a couple of really bad movies lately I thought it was time for a worst of least.
So  below is a least of the movies that were at the bottom of the last 10 years.   These movies achieved the status of worst movie of the year (out of the movies I saw for those years).

The Worst movie of 2013  so far goes to Blast Vegas   1  out of 10

This movie was absolutely terrible and came fresh on the heels of Sharknado  (a so bad it was good gem).    There is nothing good to say about this terrible film......But I wrote about it anyway in a previous blog


The Worst movie of 2012  Jules Verne's Mysterious Island  0 out of 10

If you thought Blast Vegas was terrible wait until you see this dreadful movie that blasphemously has Jules Verne's name on it.    This one got a 0 out of 10 which is very rare.  For my thoughts on this turkey....go here


The Worst movie of 2011   Almighty Thor    1 out of 10

This movie that tries to steal some of Marvel's Thor thunder is definitely not the Thor you are looking for........Let's face it ---it isn't the Thor anyone was looking for.
You can read the rest of my thoughts on it here


The Worst movie of 2010     Gulliver's Travel   1   out of 10
This movie cemented for me the fact that I'm not a fan of Jack Black.   He has starred in 3 of the worst movies I've ever seen.   As a supporting character in a movie he is ok.  As a lead  NOT SO MUCH.    For more on this movie that currently sits as the worst movie I saw in 2010.....go here.


The Worst movie of 2009   Transmorphers :Fall of Man  2  out of 10

Transmorphers -------Less than meets the Eye"   a truly terrible movie...Like Almighty Thor ---the thought process on this one only went as far as the rip-off title.

Here is my review of this terrible rip-off movie that was trying to cash in on Transformers success.

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