Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Devil's Bride 1968 6 out of 10 (AKA The Devil Ride Out)

The Devil's Bride  1968  6 out of 10

The second Hammer Horror movie for the morning was  The Devil's Bride from 1968.  Starring Christopher Lee who is trying to save the son of his old friend from a Satanic mind control cult.
The movie is basically a battle between the forces of good and the forces of evil (represented by the Angel of Death and the Goat of Mendes).  Our heroes end up hunkering down in a circle to protect themselves from the evil that will tempt them.   The movie was interesting  and Christopher Lee was excellent as usual.  The movie could be ripe for a remake as the concept has such potential that seemed unrealized on screen.  I'd love to see this movie concept with modern day special effects that could intensify the battle between good and evil as the characters face challenges to their circle of protection.  (as seen below).

Here is the trailer.

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