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Looper 2012 8 out of 10 (Spolier Filled discussion)

Looper 2012  8 out of 10

Warning Spoliers

Bruce Willis must have enjoyed making 12 Monkeys. When he  saw the script for this movie near remake he signed up for it again.   This sci-fi movie is part12 Monkeys, a little bit Terminator, a little bit (Twilight Zone) and a little bit Logan's Run. 

Part Terminator/ 12 Monkeys
 The main character (played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a hit man in the year 2044, whose job is to kill people sent back in time by the mob in order for them to be killed without it being tracked in the more advanced future.   He is called a Looper because eventually his older self will be sent back to be killed and close the loop and he will then be retired at an early age to enjoy his life.    Everything goes to hell for him when his older self (Bruce Willis) is sent back as one of his victims and gets the drop on him.  The movie has an interesting plot even though it is derivative of so many previous sci-fi films.  

His older self has come back in order to kill one of 3 kids that will eventually become a Hitler type of evil syndicate ruler in the future.   This brings up the  ethical dilemma of whether it is worth killing 2 innocent kids in order to make sure the one evil one doesn't live to become the villain that he does.   The future version of the character is set on killing the kid since he will eventually be responsible for killing the innocent women he loves.  The younger self wants to kill the older version in order to restore his current life and so is protecting the kid.  

Part Logan's Run
While all of this is happening his fellow Loopers are trying to chase both version of him down.  I find it not too coincidental that he comes back 30 years from the future (30 years was the age in the movie when you were supposed to die in Logan's Run)

Part Twilight Zone Episode   --It's A Good Life
Well the kid turns out to have special telekinetic powers almost to the point of Billy Mummy's character from that famous old Twilight Zone episode where he wishes people out in the cornfield.   The movie ends with the younger version sacrificing himself and letting the kid live.  His thought  process is that the mom dying trying to save him will be what sends him down the bad path.    Personally I think this was flawed, wishful thinking. The kid had already shown a dark side.  I don't believe the mother's love was going to be enough to keep this kid from becoming the villain in the future that he does.   I think the kid should have been eliminated.  You don't let the kid that can make people explode with his mind live in hopes that the mom can make him a better person.   He has already murdered people.  Anyway it was an entertaining movie --very much along the lines of a 12 Monkeys, yet not as good.

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