Sunday, October 20, 2013

Oblivion 2013 5 out of 10

Oblivion 2013  5 out of 10

I found myself uncertain exactly how to feel after watching Oblivion.  It was directed by the director that did the stunning  Tron Legacy  so I was excited to finally see it.    The film had great special effects, but the movie itself wasn't so great.    This sci-fi movie stars Tom Cruise in a "Last Man on Earth"  type movie about a worker whose job it is to go down to the planet and repair patrol drones.  He has a girl partner that operates out of a platform above the earth they are stationed on.   Earth was devastated by a war that happened after an interstellar invasion and is pretty much void of life.  Of course ever Last Man on Earth story you find out that they are really the Last Man on Earth and Oblivion is no different in that respect.    The movie  suffered from the same problem that most "Last Man of Earth" films suffer from....a really slow pace with only that one character on screen for quite ahwile.    The movie develops and has on ok,  but predictable story until a certain interesting twist.  The only problem is that by the time the twist happens I'd lost interest in the main character and the story and started looking at my watch wondering how much longer the movie was.   Despite the cool twist the movie ends with a very lazy and typical sci-fi invasion ending that I've seen dozens of times before.     After watching the film I went online and was surprised to see great review after great review from people talking about how stunning and amazing it was.   I have to disagree and I probably wouldn't see this movie again.  The best I can give it is a   5 out of 10.

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