Sunday, October 6, 2013

Children of the Corn 2009 2 out 10

Children of Corn 2009 2 out 10

It was horror in the corn day,  having already watched Scarecrow, I decided to give the 2009 version of Children of the Corn a chance.   The first 45 minutes of the movie was basically just a unhappy couple bickering at each other while the Amish looking corn kids stalked them and hide behind things.   The cult of corn children are just not that scary.   Kids that don't know how to fight in Amish outfits are just not that scary even if they are killers.  I really don't know how they ever killed the adults in the first place unless they did it in their sleep.  They keep talking about He Who Walks Behind the Rows which is who they worship and fear,  well He Behind the Rows should have showed up at some point in the movie if it wanted to be scary.   The original Childre of the Corn didn't scare or entertain me.  This version was no different.

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