Sunday, October 6, 2013

Scarecrow 2013 7 out of 10

Scarecrow  2013   7 out of 10

This Scarecrow is scaring off more than just crows. He happens to have a craving for human flesh. It is the 100th anniversary of the local Scarecrow festival in the small town that the characters from the movie inhabit. As punishment for some inappropriate internet photos that were spread around school this fake breakfast club group of kids is punished by being sent with a teacher to help move some Scarecrow from a farm into town for the festival. 

 Well it doesn't quite work out as planned as they end up stranded at the farm and picked off one by one by an evil Scarecrow. 
 The settings are effective as the cornfields make a great setting for the unseen creatures introduction. There are no red headed cult kids in this cornfield and this defintely isn't the Wizard of Oz Scarecrow, instead we get something that looks like a bunch of burnt skeleton made out of fibers.   For a low budget horror movie that follows a formula that has been seen many times, it does a pretty good job of it. The use of good locations and sound effects make this standard low budget horror movie work effectively.   It  stars Lacey Chabert  ( the youngest sister from Party of Five) as a part of the family whose old farm  the evil Scarecrow was buried under over a 100 years ago that apparently the creature wants to kill really badly.

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  1. Just finished watching it a few minutes ago. Not bad.