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Rise of the Zombies 2012 4 out of 10 (Zombie Movie Review #3)

Rise of the Zombies  2012   4 out of 10

It starts out promising with some over the top bas Asylum special effects that include a car tumbling out of control down Lombard street in San Francisco and then a small zombie uprising on Alcatraz.  Here is a rundown of what is good and bad about this zombie film.

List of what I liked in the movie:

1.  The Best thing in the movie was Danny Trejo who has carved out a niche for himself ever since he started showing up in Robert Rodriquez movies.  He would of probably ended up a forgotten supporting actor and now stars in C movies as well as the occasional theatrical release.  Watching him kick zombie ass is entertaining.
2. Some of the cheesy, over the top bad Asylum special effects can be entertaining.  The car crashing in Frisco and the later Red Car Trolley crash were funny for their cheesiness.
3.  The movie attempted to bring in some known actors to the cast Mariel Hemmingway, Danny Trejo, French Stewart,  Ethan Suplee and LeVar Burton--which added a little bit to the movie.

Things I didn't like:

1.   The pacing  at the start  of the movie was decent and I had hopes it might actually be fairly entertaining , but then it got worse and the story began to drag once they left the prison.  All Zombie movies will now suffer in comparison to the Walking Dead.  The first 2 episodes of this years The Walking Dead blow away anything in this zombie movie.  It is hard to walk badly choreographed fight scenes in a movie while we get kick ass scenes like Zombies falling through the ceiling on a TV show. 

2.  The Zombie makeup felt like it was almost an after thought.   You feel like you are at a local zombie walk instead of watching a zombie movie.

3. If you are going to do a zombie apocalypse movie where supposedly the streets are empty---don't use helicopter shots of the city that clearly show cars driving around like it is a normal Sunday afternoon.   There  were several flaws like this that were noticeable.

4. Despite the list of known actors they really added nothing to the film, since the rest of the acting and dialogue were so poor.   I really didn't need to see Levar Burton trying to get all serious in this low budget Zombie movie.   It isn't Roots Levar....embrace the cheese.

All in all it I give it about a 4 out of 10  for being just an average nothing special zombie movie.   At least it wasn't as bad as Day of the Dead 2.

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