Friday, June 28, 2013

The Beast from Hollow Mountain 1956 5 out of 10

The Beast from Hollow Mountain  1956  5 out of 10

I felt like Jeff Goldblum at the beginning of Jurassic Park wondering if there was going to be any beast in this beast from Hollow Mountain story.   We don't see any signs of a beast at all until at least an hour into the movie.   Instead what we get for the first hour is a story about two competing cattleman in a Mexican town.  The one gets jealous about the other guy talking to his girl in they get in pretty good brawl in the streets of the town.  Then an hour into the movie the old town drunk disappears and we finally meet the beast and get some distant for the time  (but Land of the Lost level)  dinosaur action.   The Beast look just as bad in the movie as he does in the poster.... The last 15 minutes of the movie just throws away the plot that had nothing to do with the dinosaur and we get a bunch of action pieces featuring the beast.  The beast tries to attack the lead female of the story through the roof of a building, then it chases the hero and finally the bad guy that was chasing the hero.   The movie ends with a silly climax of the hero swinging on a rope over some quicksand in order to trick the beast into the mire.    You have to love the over the top trailer for the movie  "Unforgetable Excitement  Exploding on the Screen"    Well I don't know about that.


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