Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sex Kittens Go to College 1960 4 out of 10

Sex Kittens Go to College  1960  4 out of 10

There isn't really much a plot to this movie at all.  It is madcap for no reason and the whole theme seems to be that Mamie Van Doren   is too blond to be a genius?    (Spoiler alert)  The paper thin plot line has several gangsters after something while hottie Mamie Van Doren causes trouble by being too good looking.   It turns out in the end that a sleep walking football lunk is getting Thinko the Robot to figure to make gambling bets that are making the silly gangsters lose money.    Again a very thin plot to a wacky movie that seems to have no focus or direction other than having Mamie Van Doren on the screen  (which is enough to get this silly movie a 4 out of 10).

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