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Divergent 2014 7 out of 10

Divergent 2014  7 out of 10

With the success of  The Hunger Games a bunch of book series with the potential of being successful cropped up.   The Divergent book series has a similar Dystopian future with a female protagonist so the Hollywood suits were hoping to cash in on the success of The Hunger Games.  Divergent was the first of this franchise which will apparently not get a concluding movie due to declining box office for each of its sequels. 

The Plot:
A future society in a post apocalyptic world has been split into different factions.  At a certain age teens are giving a test to see which faction they will live in as a part of that society. They can however choose not to follow the test and try and be apart of a different group.  Shailene Woodley's character takes the test and her results come up strange.  Apparently she doesn't fit into an particular group which would mark her as dangerous to the society.  She grew up in the factor that helps to governor the society, but chooses to be a part of the warrior class.  The main plot of the movie is her going through brutal training to be in this group and hiding the fact that she is a Divergent.  

The Cast:
The cast is solid  Shailene Woodley plays Tris Prior the main character of the film.  Theo James plays one of her instructors that figures out that she is special and helps her hide the fact while trying to uncover a dangerous coup that threatens the society, 

I actually liked this movie better than The Hunger Games.  The Hunger Games thread on familiar ground of other Sci-Fi movies  like The Running Man and Battle Royale which were better films.
Divergent was similar in many aspects to The Hunger Games , but I enjoyed the characters and the situations more.  I especially liked how she used her Divergent skills to defeat some of the simulated tests that they put the trainees through.   Another smart thing that the movie did was to have a conclusion that in case it didn't do well at the box office it could stand alone. The movie does leave questions open that make you interested in future films --but unlike some stories based on book series it has its own beginning and ending.

The first Hunger Games was okay --but I was done with that series after the lackluster and boring 2nd film.  Hopefully this series will continue to entertain me despite the fact that it may conclude as a TV Movie.

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