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2015 Kid's Movie Trailer Reviews: What looks worth it!

I just went to the movies with the family last night and saw the incredible film Inside Out by Pixar.

My review of Inside Out is on my Disney Blog

Of course before the movie we were bombarded by numerous Kid's movies that will soon be flooding the multiplex.  I wasn't impressed.   It cost $47 to take the family to see Inside Out (without snacks)  so figuring out what kid movies to see in the theater is a serious task.  Your children will turn to you after each trailer and say " That looks good"  or  "Do you want to see that?"  
Heck they even wanted to see Paul Blart Mall Cop 2.

Here are my thoughts on the batch of kid's movies that are coming out soon.   

Shaun the Sheep :  The Movie:
This movie trailer got a yawn from me and a "That looks awful"  from my wife.   I was not impressed with Chicken Run and have never even had an interest in the Wallace and Gromit movies --so Shaun the Sheep isn't making any must see lists.    The trailer was  dull.   

Trailer Grade  C-

Hotel Transylvania 2:
I wasn't expecting much when the first one came out but was surprised by it and really enjoyed  it's sense of humor.  The voice cast is like an old SNL reunion and it works really well.  Knowing how much I liked the first one --this is the only trailer that actually makes my in the movie theater list so far.  The kids loved it as well.

Trailer Grade  A

The Good Dinosaur
This is basically a teaser Trailer for The Good Dinosaur.
The Good Dinosaur could be Pixar's first movie that will not be a hit.  The production of this movie has been complex at best with numerous changes.  The trailer isn't very impressive.  I would rather watch Disney's Dinosaur again or one of the Ice Age movies...So I would currently give this troubled film a low grade on the most see list.

Trailer Grade C

The kids love it and really want to see this film.  It looks okay from the trailer --but I really don't see how the Minions can carry an entire movie.  They are okay as comic relief -but as main characters I'm just not all in.  I thought the Despicable Me films were okay--but Steve Carrell as Gru was the best part for me.  So taking away the best character and having a bunch of mumbling banana creatures as the stars --makes this one a Netflix rental and not a $50 at the movie theater flick.

Trailer Grade B-


All Teaser Trailer here.  Zootopia doesn't show you much in this teaser...The teaser was okay --but I really have no idea how this movie will be from the teaser.  I seriously doubt that this Disney movie from the Creators of Frozen and Big Hero 6 will be as good as either of those movies from this limited Teaser Trailer....But I will hold out judgement until a full Trailer comes out.

Trailer Grade  C+

The Peanuts Movie:
I personally real that the world has passed the Peanuts by.  Maybe I'm just bitter because as I get older my hair is looking more and more like Charlie Brown.  The Peanuts just feel old and I'd rather they just stay that way.  I'll watch The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown near Halloween  (which doesn't hold up that well) then see Charlie Brown on the big Screen.

Trailer Grade  C+

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