Friday, June 12, 2015

Top 5 Reasons Jurassic World was a blast despite its flaws.

      1.  “Welcome to Jurassic World”  : The Park itself

This was the biggest draw for seeing the movie in the first place.    The had me at the trailer saying the park is open.  In the previous Jurassic Park’s we only got a glimpse of what the park could be.  It wasn’t open yet when the Dinosaurs went crazy so even though it was exciting the stakes were never as high as when you have 20,000 visitors in the park.  I loved what we got to see of this theme park in the movie.   My only complaint was I wanted to see more.   The theme park looks amazing…..Who wouldn’t want to go to this theme park (if it was safe that is).   Unfortunately what happens in the movie assures the park will definitely never be open to the public again.
  2.  Chris Pratt:  
A few years ago he was just the shoe shine guy on Parks and Recreation. Guardians of the Galaxy and now Jurassic World have turned–Chris Pratt into an A-list badass.  His sense of humor and badassary are on display the entire time he is on screen.  I could totally see him playing a young Indiana Jones now.   He is a movie rock star and the movie is better because he is in it.  

      3. Bryce Dallas Howard is a total hottie in this film.
 Before Jurassic World she wasn’t even on my radar—but every second that she was on screen in Jurassic World –you can’t take your eyes off of her.  They did a good job of casting the movie as her and Chris Pratt complement each other very well.

 4. Jake Johnson (from the  New Girl and Let’s be Cops).  

He is hilarious.  I love him in pretty much everything he is in.   His character in the control center with his toy dinos and e-bay purchased Jurassic Park T-shirt is an absolute blast.

      5.  The ending was epic……Not to give away anything specific …..(possible spoilers if you didn’t watch the trailers)   Despite the extremely flawed nonsensical idea of sending the “trained” Raptors after the genetically engineered Dino.  “Yeah that is a good idea” The battle and final conclusion that results (although predictable) were very enjoyable.  It was a visual treat and exactly what the movie needed.

There are definitely points in the film where I can see people complaining about.  Parts of the plot ----  like the use of the raptors were absolutely silly….yet it still worked for me.   It was still extremely exciting despite its  many flawed and predictable plot devices.   I’d have to say that I would still rank it behind the 2 Spielberg directed movies  which were 10 out of 10's ---but ahead of Jurassic Park 3.     Just throw logic out the window and enjoy the ride that Jurassic World is.

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