Sunday, November 25, 2012

Skyfall 2012 7 out of 10

Skyfall 2012   7 out of 10

I used to see a lot more movies on the big screen.....Now with a family of four kids and a wife and 2 dogs most of what I see has to wait of Netflix. (which is fine because I have a big TV now).
Certain films need to be seen in the theaters......The Harry Potter Films,  Star Wars,  Lord of the Rings and of course James Bond.
So Skyfall was on my list of must see in the movie theater movies.

The opening action sequence of Skyfall  was about as good an opening sequence as a Bond film could have.  Many have labeled this Bond as being one of the best Bond's yet...and although it was good I wouldn't rank it near the top of a list of Bond Films.    Bond has been around for 50 years now and the series has some great films many of which I enjoyed more than this outing.  I'm sure a part of that opinion is the hype about it being one of the best going in.    Daniel Craig  in his third outing   is once again good as Bond and Judi Dench is strong as M.     Javier Bardem to me was just weird and uncomfortable to watch as the ex agent/gay super villain that seemed like a character out of 24 instead of a Bond film.

Skyfall centers around an ex MI6 agent that is out for revenge against M and Bond must do all that he can to protect her.  Like I mentioned it kicks off with a great action sequence that includes a motorcycle chase across roof tops and a fight on top of a train.  The action after that never quite matches the energy of the beginning of the film and the movie really slows down.  Many scenes seem recycled out of other films.   The Rancor pit scene  (featuring a man eating Komodo dragon)---the Silence of the Lambs scene where the villain escapes from his cell and then the whole stupid lets make a stand in this house scene setting Rambo traps and I found that the ending of the film kind of made the whole journey pointless...I thought it could have ended better.   All in all a good but not great Bond.

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