Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bring out your Dead......And let them Walk

A Walking Dead Update:    Season 1 started out and while I was excited that there was a Zombie show on TV I wasn't sold yet.  The plot moved a little too slowly for me.  The Zombie scares were few and far between, but I stuck around for some reason letting the show develop.    By Season 2 the show was hitting its stride and I sold hook line and sinker.  By season end it had reached the quality of  X-Files at its peak...(before Mulder left and the show stayed past its welcome and became a mess).   When X-Files was clicking on all cylinders it was better than any horror or thriller movies in the theater.  Why go and see a horror movie it the theater when X-files delivered every week.   The Walking Dead at the end of Season 2 hit that same stride... There are no horror movies and especially no Zombie movies that have come out lately that can match the intensity and excellence that The Walking Dead has achieved by the first couple of episodes of Season 3.  

 Season 2 ended with  a bang ....Season 3 started with a full scale prison invasion and Zombie take down...followed by a thrilling Zombie clear out and showdown with surviving prisoners.  The show is a tour de force at this point...each episode is thrilling and shocking and a great look into the breakdown of humanity during the Zombie Apocalypse.  Despite the  buckets of gore and Severed heads rolling around it is much like Battlestar Gallactica or other good Sci-fi where it really digs into the human emotions and points of view --both good and bad.  The decisions  the characters must make to survive and how those decisions shape and change them.   As a TV series the characters have had the time to develop great depth and you realy care for them at this point.  The show keeps you on edge because main characters can die at any moment and with over 2 seasons behind them you have much more emotional attachment to the characters than you ever could in a single movie.

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