Sunday, October 7, 2012

For the Love of Scooby Doo: Part 2 Big Top Scooby Doo 2012 7 out 10

Big Top Scooby Doo  2012  7 out of 10
A typical Scooby Doo direct to DVD movie. Which usually means an enjoyable Scooby Doo adventure.  This time Scooby and the gang do undercover with a circus to foil a werewolf mystery.   At this point Scooby Doo has become quite repetitive and yet I find myself always coming back for more of Scooby and the gang.  I mean  how many different episodes have they faced off with werewolves or been to the circus???  Quite a few times I'm sure,  There is just something about  this  "Bunch of meddling kids and their dog"  that I love.  The coolest Great Dane ever!.   So even though there is nothing new about this Scooby case...It was still fun and action packed getting there.  

One thing I find weird is that they continue to make direct to DVD Scooby movies with the gang in one style of animation while at the same time producing the fun new version of the gang in the cool Mystery Inc. TV show.  I try not to worry about the 2 separate incarnations running at the same time and just enjoy Scooby and the gangs mystery solving abilities, but it is strange that they would basically have 2 different versions at the same time.

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