Sunday, October 7, 2012

Animated Movies # 3: The Lorax 2012 5 out of 10

The Lorax  2012  5 out of 10

I really enjoyed the last Dr Seuss CGI adaptation which was   Horton Hears and Who,   so I had high hopes for this movie.  The Lorax however let me down and the reason was the musical numbers.   I can't say I liked them ... No Not at all.   Not a single bit... They were painful to my ears....Like someone with no musical training playing a Zim Twit.    I didn't like the song about Tweeds and who really needs one to do various deeds.   I especially didn't like the rock song they played while cutting down trees.  In the book this scene is sad and it makes one feel quite bad....while this upbeat rock song just completely took away the feelings that the book gave me.  It should have been the strongest scene in the movie--but lost its strength by being buried behind bad music.    The songs in the movie just seemed ill advised and not only didn't add to the film, but took away from it.   It was still visually interesting after all all the colors and angles of a Seuss book were brought to life....Trying to make a short and sweet message book into a feature length movie just didn't work for me.  I felt the same way about some of the Live Action Grinch movie.  All the scenes that weren't in the book or animated short just felt like filler.  And in the case of The Lorax the filler was some really bad musical numbers.  

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