Sunday, March 25, 2012

Leprechaun's Revenge 2012 6 out of 10

Syfy Channel Cheese was served up to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in the form of Leprechaun movies.
The first 3 in the terrible Warwick Davis Leprechaun series and then the new original Leprechaun's Revenge starring William Devine and Billy Zane.

"Pick the red clover and unleash a green nightmare"  
Here is that green nightmare..  Yikes that looks cheesy...
And cheesy it was -yet I felt like it was in on the joke. 
Dialogue like...."Are you suggesting I pimp slap the Leprechaun"   and  " You need to save your ass from that Leprechaun"  and   "Hey  Lepy........Happy St. Patrick's Day"   led me to this belief.   

The story was a bunch of Irish immigrants came to America with a captured Leprechaun in tow....Got rich off his gold and then he escaped and caused a whole lot of trouble.  They buried him in the woods with Horseshoes around him to keep him in place.   Well he escapes due to the misfortune of the sheriff's daughter accidentally picking a cursed red clover.....And death after death at the hands of the Green nightmare follow.   Just a fun and cheesy Leprechaun killing people movie with blood and guts and a little  (we are in on it humor)---displayed especially in Billy Zane's   (SPOILER ALERT)  ---speech before he is ripped in 2.
A decent Syfy channel movie compared to must of the crud they show....

Here is the trailer

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