Sunday, March 25, 2012

Brad's Top 10 movies of 2007

Coming in at number 10
Battlestar Gallactica Razor   8 out of 10
Direct to DVD and direct into my top 10 for 2007

Number 9

Blades of Glory 8 out of 10
Will Ferrell is a golden ice skating god.

Coming in at number 8

The Heartbreak Kid 8 out of 10
A great remake of an old Charles Grodin film. Ben Stiller marries the dream of his dreams and finds out she is more like the girl from a nightmare and then falls in love with someone else on his honeymoon.....Good fun stuff

Coming in at number 7

Shoot Em Up 8+ out of 10
A Fun and wild action movie. Clive Owen is great in this over the top film

Coming in at number 6

Planet Terror 8+ out of 10
The good portion of the Grindhouse double feature. Planet Terror was a fun action packed kick ass flick...

Coming in at number 5

National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets 8+ out of 10
Another fun mystery is unraveled in this sequel. Good pacing and a fun story

Coming in at number 4
Ratatouille 9+ out of 10
Pixar magic works again. The plot didn't sound interesting. A Rat that cooks food in a Paris restaurant. The result= and amazingly fun and wonderfully animated movie. Go Figure....Pixar rocks

Coming in at number 3

Disturbia 9+ out of 10 A fun and thrilling modern day Rear Window.

Coming in at number 2
300 9+ out of 10
A cool a stylish comic book style action movie....

Number 1

Pirates of the Caribbean 3 : At World's End 9+ out of 10.......Captain Jack Sparrow....The Pirate's League. It starts off quite weird and I can see how some may not like this chapter.....But I loved it all the same

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