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In Time 2011 6 out of 10

In Time 2011  6 out of 10

If Logan's Run  ("The sexiest movie ever" --Ross from Friends) can be considered a genre this is the latest installment in that genre.  The last entry in this genre of films was  The Island  from 2005.   In Time  has a fun and interesting concept as a way of showing the increasing real life rift between the rich and the disappearing middle class.   Like Logan's Run the people of this future have a short lifespan --instead of a crystal the turns red in their hands when it is their time to die (for popluation control) they have a clock in their arm.  The whole world is run on time ...Time is your life and the currency by which the world exists...humans stop aging at age 25 but have only been engineered to live one additional year unless they are rich and can then achieve near immortality. The story is interesting ---but the plot is full of holes  (even if you buy into the reality of this future)....Just when the movie should kick into high gear and be a non-stop rollercoaster ride it instead stops and starts and stops again.  It seems like this complex system where your time is your currency is somehow not really that advanced at all. 
 I mean they are able to track down criminals quicker on Hawaii 5-0 than in this futuristic civilization.  You mean to tell me that everyone has a clock implanted in them that they can transfer time back and forth between each other --but there is no GPS...or the people can't be tracked???   Justin Timberlake  does an effective job as lead actor in the role of the main character---unfortunately he has a so so plot to act in.   His character becomes a Robin Hood of Time---stealing from the rich (whose banks apparently have no security what so ever) and giving to the poor.  So although I liked the concept of the movie I kept going  "Yeah like that would happen" over and over to the screen.  I don't think the writers of the film really thought the concept of the society out in their heads.   

Here is the trailer for the film


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