Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Muppets vs John Carter (Marketing and thoughts)

The Muppets were a marketing success--which lead to the film doing quite well when compared to its expectations.  With funny movie parodies the Muppets placed themselves as a must see Thanksgiving event.   Clever and with a sense of purpose the Muppets made a comeback in a big way stating to the world through a good promotional effort that they were indeed back.....

Below is my review of The Muppets   2011  now on DVD

John Carter on the other hand misfired in its marketing efforts.  The early trailers and buzz on the film was negative or ho hum at best.  Even the main target audience for the film seemed underwhelmed by its marketing.  I've read numerous good reviews for the fun action movie that basically said --that they had such low expectations for the film and how surprised they were with how much they actually enjoyed the film.   John Carter (Starting with the name of the movie itself) failed to identify itself early enough in the marketing of the film and therefore set itself up for an epic fail.

Below is my review of John Carter  2012  still in theaters  (for now at least)

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