Saturday, March 3, 2012

Savage 2009 4 out of 10 (Yet another bad bigfoot movie)

A fire in the national park has brought something unwanted out of the forest......another bad Bigfoot movie.  Yes we have actually found a squatch in this bad horror flick.   A boring story of an enraged Bigfoot driven out of his forest by a wildfire (that may have been set on purpose) to make way for a Hunter's Paradise construction project.    Yada , Yada, Yada..... as usual the Bigfoot is so cheesy that he is rarely seen  other than some glimpses of a furry mass and trails of blood.   The  retired sheriff gets dragged into the case of a couple of disappearances and spends his time asking a bunch of questions to this bad guys hiding in the woods like he was in a Columbo episode and not a Bigfoot movie.    It was just a bunch of typical made Bigfoot killing people stuff that has been done over and over again without much success.

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