Saturday, March 3, 2012

Morlocks 2011 6 out of 10

Starring David Hewlitt from Stargate Atlantis --who pretty much plays the same character in almost every movie I've seen him in,  this movie is basically a Stargate script mixed together with some concepts from H.G Wells Time Machine.    In a government facility  (just like where the Stargate is housed)  they bring back a scientist who worked on an ill-fated time travel project years earlier.  I guess they kept it going and got it to work,  but they ran into this creatures on the other side.  Morlocks like from the H.G. Wells story.    The scientist has to go forward in time to fix some device before all hell breaks loose.  

At the beginning  of the movie plays exactly like many Stargate episodes.  A threat is coming through the Stargate (Time Travel rift) and it looks like the whole movie may be a  trapped in the facility Stargate ship in a bottle episode,  but then they get to go through the Time rift to retrieve the device and despite the bad CGI Morlocks we actually get some decent Aliens gunfire and gore.  The movie is a decent SYFY channel distraction  when compared to so many really bad SYFY channel movies.    Like I've already said there is nothing new to anyone that watched Stargate but it is like a good episode of Stargate and that was good enough.  All in all it is predictable and yet enjoyable.

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