Tuesday, March 13, 2012

G-Force 2009 4 out of 10 (Family Film Review #1)

Who doesn't want to a see a movie about Guinea Pig Spies ---trying to thwart some threat to Earth? Right? Well that is apparently what Jerry Bruickheimer thought when green lighting this film that was literally the idea of one the producers kids.....(I kid you not watch the DVD extras) I found Tracy Morgan was even annoying as a Guinea Pig. The whole CGI talking animal thing doesn't really work for me (unless it is Scooby Doo---I just love that dog) . I'm not rushing out this week to see Zookeeper because a Gorilla talking about wanting to go to TGIF's doesn't really make me laugh. And it is weird because I love cartoons and animated movies as if I was still a child. No Seriously you can catch me on the weekend sitting on the couch watching Spongebob even after the kids have left the room....But Golden Retrievers that wear gold chains and talk like Gangsters and Chihuahua's that aren't selling tacos at Taco Bell just don't.  Zach Galifianakis's talents were wasted in this film --his stand up and roles in The Hangover are brilliant.   The film had some okay CGI action sequences and it had a plot --I guess I just wasn't into it.....I like the Hamsters in that car commercial more than these Guinea Pigs.  I'd much rather watch a TV episode of the Penguins of Madagascar than this  CGI talking animal spy flick.

Here is the trailer for this turkey

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