Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Campaign 2012 5 out of 10

The Campaign  2012  5 out of 10

I was really looking forward to this movie and after seeing it was let down.  I mean it had Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis how could it not be great?  Story and good writing are still important apparently to answer that question.  You can't just stick two really talented and funny actors in a movie without those key ingredients and expect it to just work.  The same could be said for Burt Wonderstone a few weeks ago (which could just as easily have starred Will Ferrell  instead of Steve Carell) it just was underwhelming.   Will Ferrell still had his moments (just as he used to do even in bad SNL sketches).  Zach Galifinakis's talent was wasted in this movie about too political rivals  Cam Brady

 and Marty Huggins  

battling it out on the campaign trail.  The plot just wasn't funny enough.   It had the occasional funny scene or moment as you can see in the trailer below, but it was just missing a really good story to tie it all together.   The ending was cheesy and a little bit to sappy and message heavy.   I guess I was just expecting too much from this film.  A quality episode of a classic sitcom is still generally better than most comedies in the theaters these days.   I hope Anchorman 2 lives up to its potential.

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