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The House of Seven Corpses 1974 6 out of 10

The House of Seven Corpses   1974   6 out of 10

The movie looks and feels very much like the era it was made in.  It is defintely a 1970's B horror movie.   The story focuses on a film crew that is filming their low budget horror movie at a house that has had 7 people die mysterious deaths at.  They are warned by the caretaker (and don't listen).   One of them finds an old book of the dead, which if you find you should never read passages from.   Nothing ever good comes from reading from a Book of the Dead, especially if it is from Tibet.  And when you see a picture like this hanging in one of the bedrooms......Also not a good sign.

This picture lead to a great sample of bad acting and dialogue which are throughout the film and which made it go from just being bad to sort of entertaining.  

Movie quote of the after evil cat painting makes cat scratch actor.
 Women  " how dare you hit my cat?" 
Man   "But he scratched me" 
Women   "I wish he'd bitten you". 
Man   "If he did I'd break his neck" 
Women   " you touch my cat again ill break you neck"

Of course all the book of the dead reading ends up causing the world's slowest zombie to rise from the grave and kill the cast and crew making the movie.   It is so slow that they could have easily  run away from him, but instead just stand there being strangled.One of the crew members ends up being the zombie which made no sense at all.  but in this silly flick does it really matter.   It was cheesy, but fun and used some cool 1970's camera work and music that made it rise from the grave of just being total 
crap to entertaining crap.

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