Sunday, August 11, 2013

Animated movie # 6: Hotel Transylvania 2012 9 out of 10

Hotel Transylvania   2012   9 out of 10

I was surprised by Hotel Transylvania when I finally saw it.  When the trailers for this one came out I didn't think it looked like it would be that great.   A hotel for Monsters just didn't seem fresh enough an idea to get me to see it in the theaters.  I mean it is basically a throw back to Mad Monster Party or even ground already touched upon so perfectly by The Nightmare Before Christmas.     Well we finally got a chance to see it at a free movie at the beach night  (which my wife will probably not be going to anymore because people at free movies are totally rude.)  The movie was actually very clever and entertaining.  It featured the voice talents of half the cast of the uninspired  Grown-ups movie  (which turns out they are better animated as monsters).    The movie focuses on Dracula's castle where he is throwing a party for his daughter's 118th birthday.   A human stumbles across the party and Dracula tries to get rid of him because all the monsters are afraid of humans.  It was funny and adventurous and the cast of monsters was very entertaining.   I recommend this animated movie to those who like me originally passed it by.   Free movie night on the other hand......NOT SO MUCH......Unless you want to hate people for awhile.

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