Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Brain That Wouldn't Die 1962 3 out of 10

The Brain that Wouldn't Die  1962   3 out of 10

Yes unforunately the brain wouldn't die in the this terrible Mad Scientist movie.  This is one of those so bad it might be good movies,   that for me unforunately was just bad.   A doctor with no morals decides to play god (the typical mad scientist thing).   His son to be wife gets in an accident and he keeps her head alive and searches for a new body for her.    The only good thing  about this movie is its creepy trailer and the fact that it was a clear  inspiration for Steve Martin's   The Man with Two Brains  (a comedy look at a mad scientist movie).    Skip this movie that is only good for Mystery Science Theater fans and check out the Man with Two Brains instead   which I discuss in this previous blog.

Monster spolier     

Here is the terrible makeup on the monster hiding behind the door of the mad scientist that we only see at the end of the movie.

Here is the trailer for the terrible  The Brain That Wouldn't Die.

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