Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Yellowbrickroad 2010 3 out of 10

Yellowbrickroad  2010   3 out of 10

Yellowbrickroad seemed like an interesting concept and I stuck it out hoping something interesting would happen at the end.    A group of people go to investigate a winding trail in the wilderness where an entire town in the 1940's  had abandoned the town  and were later found  dead along the trail with no explanation .   An interesting concept for a movie that got less interesting as the film went on due to the annoying music that  bombards the film in an attempt to be creepy.    If done correctly the movie could have become more interesting as it progressed towards an interesting ending,  unfortunately this yellowbrickroad lead no where.   All we get is a bunch of people starting to slowly lose their minds as the go crazy from the bad music as they wander around lost in the forest.  So little actually happens that it may have well just been a stage play called People going Crazy.  The lack of a good reveal or interesting twist to this unexplainable experiment left me bored and disappointed at the end.

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