Sunday, August 11, 2013

Invasion Roswell 2013 3 out of 10

Invasion Roswell   2013    3 out of 10

In the   "been there seen that"  department we have the latest terrible Syfy channel movie about alien invasions.    (They can't all be Sharknado right).   This alien invasion movie features a group of commandos that were secretly trained to deal with an alien invasion should the Roswell aliens ever return.   After years of training and waiting the group of older  folks are eventually disbanded.    Of course 7 years later the aliens return  and hover over all the major cities of the world like we have seen half a dozen times since the TV series V.    The unit of retired commandos have a symbol that looks like the Expendables gets back together.   It is like someone decided to do a mix of The Expendables and Red with a cast of who cares actors.    The Expendables had  Sly, Arnold,  Dolph and Bruce  Willis.  Red had a bunch of older oscar nominated actors.    What we get in Invasion Roswell is one of the dads from My Two Dads and the actress that left Star Trek Next Generation after getting killed by a tar monster,  running around with what look like white nerf guns.    The aliens look like extras from a Daft Punk video,  I guess it  costs less to get a motorcycle outfit then to do alien makeup.   The movie follows the  typical  alien invasion formula where the aliens ships take no damage and then all it takes for one alien ship that they hijack (exactly like in Independence Day to take out he mother ship and destroy the entire alien fleet.)  Pretty lame and uninteresting effort with nothing new.

Here is the link to the trailer that I couldn't seem to get into blog......Not that it matters for this movie.

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