Sunday, August 4, 2013

Revenge of the Creature 1955 5 out of 10

Revenge of the Creature  1955  5 out of 10

The Creature from the Black Lagoon returns in this sequel and is just a boring and lame on screen as the first time around.  In this film he is captured and brought back to the Florida to be a part of a Marine Park,  where he can be studied  (finger  air quotes).   And be studied we mean electrically shocked and pissed off  while being chained to the bottom of a tank.   He was a pretty angry and aggressive creature before all this happened so this additional harassment doesn't turn out well.   The Creature eventually escapes   after getting out of his chains and climbing out of his tank.  The park visitors fun away screaming and the Creature escapes into the Ocean.   Then stalks the cute blonde scientist  (apparently he is a horny Creature with a thing for Blondes just like  King Kong)  why not the story is pretty much a rip off of Kong.  The movie had some fun and silly dialogue --but was unremarkable  just like the original.   A guy in a cheesy plastic looking creature suit is just not that scary.    The Trailer is the most exciting thing about this Creature feature.

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