Sunday, September 1, 2013

Beauty and the Beast: A Dark Tale 2010 6 out of 10

Beauty and the Beast: A Dark Tale  2010  6 out of 10

Beauty and the Beast : A Dark Tale was a low budget twist on the Beauty and the Beast story.   It had the sets that seemed straight out of an episode of Xena Warrior Princess.  It was a little corny and a little cheesy, but  had a decent well crafted plot.  Despite  lackluster dialogue and acting the plot flowed well.  In this twist on the classic tale villagers are being brutally murdered and the Beast is getting blamed  and hunted down for these killings.  Belle (played by Estella Warren--from Planet of the Apes)  befriends the beast and teams up to stop the real villains which are a power hungry royal and the evil witch he has teamed up with to take the throne.  They are controlling a CGI Troll creature that is really responsible for all the killing because it wants some Troll crack that it gets rewarded with by the witch when it kills.   Don't expect anything epic to happen in this really low budget fantasy film other than a decent story that was better than the budget to execute it.

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