Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Search for Santa Paws (Family Movie Review # 5) 2010 6 out of 10

The Search for Santa Paws  2010  6 out of 10

The Search for Santa Paws is a decent family holiday movie. If the kids love all the Buddies movies the kids will enjoy this talking animal flick as well .   The plot is simple.  Santa has a magical dog that was given life by the mysterious Ice Crystal as seen in Santa Buddies.   Santa and Santa Paws travel to New York prior to Christmas and in an often used Santa plot....Santa loses his memory and gets separated from Santa Paws.    There are also a group of cute little orphans that break out into song like a scene straight out of Annie involved in the story.    Christmas of course is in jeopardy unless Santa Paws can find Santa and get him to remember who he is.    Not much for originality --but like I said a decent family talking animal movies that the kids will probably enjoy.

The movie is basically a prequel to Santa Buddies .

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