Sunday, January 13, 2013

5 Against the House 1955 4 out of 10

5 Against the House  1955  4 out of 10
A good cast and some good acting are lost in this uneven and odd heist movie.  The movie couldn't decide what it wanted to be.  I recorded it in hopes of seeing a good heist movie, but the heist when the film finally got around to it was really weak.  The perfect crime it was any stretch.  
The film starts out with four college students (Suspend your disbelief now because  several of the actors have to be in their mid 30's) in Reno for a little fun.  After witnessing a failed robbery attempt of the casino they had back to school.  The film has some witty dialogue and funny interactions between the characters and seems like it will be a lighthearted comedy.  The beautiful  Kim Novak stars as one of the college buddies girlfriend's that he hopes to marry and she is a bright spot in the film.
 About halfway through the movie  the tone of the film takes an odd turn.   The rich kid gets bored and decides that it would be fun to rob the casino just for kicks and the character of Brick (played by Brian Keith) starts having some issues related to his time in Korea.  The guys decide to rob the casino in Reno and drag their reluctant   buddy that is in love and his gal along for the heist against his will.  The light tone of the film disappears completely and it becomes about dealing with Brick's post war problems.   The heist happens and is a complete disappointment and the ending is just an odd footnote.  I probably would have given this movie an even lower rating if the dialogue and acting hadn't been good.   The heist itself is about a 2 out of 10

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