Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dark Shadows 2012 4 out of 10

Dark Shadows    2012   4 out of 10
Dark Shadows is probably the most disappointed I've been with a Tim Burton movie.  All Tim Burton movies look great--and so I make it a point to see all that he creates and his teaming up with Johnny Depp is usually a good thing.   Dark Shadows for me was a misfire.   It was a movie version of the quirky weird  Vampire soap opera  TV show that both Burton and Depp grew up on.  Basically a vanity project of shared passion for this old TV show.   I've never seen the original show --but it sounded like it would make another fun Tim Burton film.   Instead it turned out to be a very dull  great looking Burton film.  There were moments here and there (mostly all in the trailer) that had some entertaining lines by Depp as the returning Vampire head of the Collins clan...but the less than interesting story line about the his rebuilding the family business and battle between him and the witch that cursed him was uninspired.    There was a decent battle  between the characters at the end of the  film that was okay....but other than that it was just odd for the sake of being odd and I expect more from both Burton and Depp.

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